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Who Are We?
The guild initially started out on Daggerspine, then moved to Ragnaros, and eventually ending on our current realm - The Maelstrom. For quite a few years this guild was just a place where a group of friends would come together on weekends, after being done with their raiding for the week, and do content together. Around the end of Throne of Thunder, we decided that we don't want to raid anywhere else anymore, focusing entirely on The Brigade. Ever since then we have been climbing steadily through the rankings ladder, and here we are now - one of the best 2 day guilds in the world! We stay clear of certain practices that seem to plague the 2-day raiding bracket - such as adding additional days during progression or doing farm on a seperate third day. We are very honest about the schedule - what you see is what you get!
Our roster is very diverse - we have players from all over Europe (and one dude from USA, are you happy now Jake?!), leading to an interesting international raiding atmosphere. For almost all of our raiders this is their main raid for the week, which ensures that people are excited about downing bosses and that the guild is active outside of the raiding days, especially if there is relevant content. We are relatively laid back and relaxed, there is no elitism or yelling going on during raids, this is a game after all! Our goal as a guild is to achieve the best possible progression for our schedule, while also providing an enjoyable atmosphere during said progression.

The Management Team
Freshly made Guild Master during Nighthold progression, he leads the guild with an iron fist, but a soft heart. Born and bred on the island known as the You Kei, he truly is a typical specimen representing his people, enjoying things such as tea and crumpets or bad dental hygiene. No one really knows his physical appeareance, except that he is blonde and missing small parts of his ear. Leading theory is that he is actually Asian.
How to please: Don't be shit, mate!
Where can he usually be found: On reddit, researching the latest boss strategy.

The official shot-caller during raids, he likes talking in the most monotonous way possible. With a calm personality and lack of emotions, he has been known to be mistaken for an android. Don't be fooled by all of this though - the dude can scream louder than a feminist getting offended by priviliged cis white males! For reference: Blackhand kill video.
How to please: Follow his instructions to the letter!
Where can he usually be found: Discord, if there are at least 2 people in the channel.

Known as the nice guy from the officer team, he is actually a devious african-american, always plotting the next prank on his unsuspecting victims. He has a very soothing voice and has never been heard saying bad words. He is always looking for doing unconventional things during raids, such as placing feasts on unreachable surfaces.
How to please: Be Naguura, love!
Where can he usually be found: In the open world, hunting some nerdy achievement, or in LFR causing mischief.

The newest addition to the officer team, he is the official mastermind behind the boss strategies utilized by the guild, such as delaying titanforging on Argus. Rumour has it he has deep connections to the Silvermoon mafia, specializing in spicy memes. Usually talks in monotonous tone, like the other Swedish officer.
How to please: Dodge the wakes, dipshit!
Where can he usually be found: In his lab, working on the latest WeakAuras.

The Alpha Male of the guild, a very handsome, intelligent and social person (also the person who wrote this whole page, if it wasn't clear). A lot can be said about him, but we wouldn't wanna spoil the surprise for you!
How to please: Subscribe and comment to his lifting videos on youtube!
Where can he usually be found: Bottom of the dps meters.

And to end all of this with a discussion about the roots of yoghurt;